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Once they are on, they leave such an intense sparkly effect on the lids! Satin appears mostly matte with very subtle sheen. They usually have good color payoff, go on smoothly and blend beautifully on the lids.

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Matte has a 1-dimensional texture without any shimmer or glitter particles. They are mostly base or crease color to add definition to the eyes. I really like most of the mattes that I have except Carbon.

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They are buttery smooth, incredibly soft, and effortless to apply and blend. They don't feel powdery or patchy in any way. The color payoff is also excellent. I have only one color in this category so I'm going to base my review on this particular shade that I have which is Kid. It has a creamy, smooth matte finish that applies and blends beautifully.

The texture is very soft and does not produce fallout or excess powder at all. This is my favorite finish!

MAC Pro Palette Large/Duo (case): GlobalDelivered

Veluxe Pearl has excellent texture and color payoff. The application is soft, smooth, and most shades leave a gorgeous, multi-dimensional semi-metallic finish.

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Everything else is permanent and you can buy them in refill pans. Even though I own a multitude of eyeshadow palettes, I still like the idea of customizing my own palettes filled with only the colors that I like and see myself wearing. MAC eyeshadow refill pans are affordable but not inexpensive so I would advise you start customizing with a few colors at a time. That's what I did and still do anyway. It took me years to have come this far but to me, it is more fun to pick out a few colors here and there and slowly build my palette than buying all at once because it makes me appreciate each color more.

Well, I hope my review was helpful!

Let me know if you have any questions at all! Please also feel free to suggest your favorite colors so that I can take a look and possibly add them to my palettes! We share the same love for many shades. Gorgeous Gold, Expensive Pink, and Mulch are part of my favorites too.

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  5. I am writing an article on my favorite M. Of course, I will give you all the credit on it. OMG such a huge collection u have I have bookmarked this page I dont even own one single mac shadow so me gone start buildng obv this post comes very handy ;. Every eye makeup wearer should at least customize one MAC palette!

    Mac pro palette large uk

    Such a pretty collection!! Looking up swatches as we speak! Thanks for your suggestion, Brenda! You are on your second palette now then? I have a 2 double pro palettes, one for my blushes, and one for my eyeshadows!

    Pro Palette Large Pan x 6

    I also have a single palette, in which i store my depotted mineralize blushes, i put a small magnet under them. Looks really good! But after seeing your swatches, i ts time for some new eyeshadows.. I really want to invest in one of those duo palettes! Would be super convenient for travel! I have a few of those and it would be really nice to keep them all together in one place! Thanks for the info! I heard my wallet sigh in relief :.

    My MAC Eyeshadow Collection + Review & Swatches

    Yeah I remember your post about customizing your first MAC quad. Holy smokes, you could open a MAC museum with that collection! I like to purchase the eyeshadows in pro pan form from their website, because they come with the magnet already attached — much easier, and cheaper! Are the dividers easily removeable? I've ordered two dividers for travel. If anyone has ideas for labeling, now that we don't have the inside lid for labels, I'd love to hear them. Maybe circle stickers back to back on the divider? I found that if you just push down on the top corners that it will pop the divider out similar to a see-saw.

    Only one time did I push down too hard and the colors dislodged themselves. Otherwise this is the best method for removing the divider pan for me. Can you make a video on how to take the eye shadows out? I can't seem to take mine out since I put magnets.. Thanks for this post! Maybe they are discontinued but either way I'm ordering as many as I can!!! I am having a devil of a time finding a palette that my Mac shadows really stick to.

    MAC Pro Palette Large Duo Review - Nicola Dunna

    I'm traveling next month and just want something they feel secure in. They just slide all over the place in a Z palette and others like the magnet just doesn't want to hold. I put one on the lid of a tin box I had and wow, what a difference.

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    It really stuck. So, my question is, this pallete, is it a tin palette that the Mac shadows stick to well without an extra magnet? Your email address will not be published.