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Hodgman was made to look like the tired, staid, boring computer, while Long, representing Macs, was supposed to be the young and cool Mac. Still, there were risks involved in getting the campaign off the ground. For more about Apple iPhone, watch:.

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And now ten years later, most agree that it did just that. And before long, both Long and Hodgman became pop culture successes.

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As Apple continued to pelt Microsoft through its ads , the software giant tried to respond with humor of its own. The ads tried to poke fun at Macs and enlisted the help of comedian Jerry Seinfeld and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates to do it.

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The ads were widely panned for failing to make a dent. The battle between Apple and Microsoft came at a tumultuous time in their relationship. While they were never best of friends, Apple at the time was trying to position its Macs as appealing alternatives to PCs, despite Windows-based machines outselling Macs by a wide margin.

Jobs and his executives believed the best way to respond was by opening a full assault on Microsoft and everything-Windows. In retrospect, the campaign is viewed as one of the reasons Macs today have become so popular. This makes no sense to me. All Rights Reserved. Fortune may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Offers may be subject to change without notice.

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Company which either invented or was first to adopt many of the concepts, technologies and language used by desktop computer users today. In fact, the "Desktop" metaphor for the graphical representation of the computer's contents is one of the ideas that Apple refined and made popular in Apple also invented the word "multimedia," which is now used to describe most of the desktop computers sold today. Apple is also the first company to launch a succesful commecial online music service. If you want to see what your computer will be like in 3 or 4 years, look at a new Apple computer.

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An innovative company who has had many people copy it's available-in-five-colours idea, also first personal computer to feature a graphical user interface. Many seem to hate Apple without reason claiming "It has no games " or "It's ghey lewlz ". Fact is, top selling games have apple ports, including the Sims , and such. I use an Apple Computer because it doesnt crash. The most advanced, user friendly and innovative operating system in existance. Originally brought back in time by Zorlof of the Xoono clan of the fifth Narnoc from the 23rd century. The ease of use of this technology frequently confuses the technical minded people used to sterile and ordinary interfaces.

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My Apple computer tells me I am God. Often hated on by people who don't understand anything about it, or base their judgements on older models. Lasts longer than a PC, comes pre-installed with drivers, easily communicates with external devices, has no viruses and therefore has no need for anti-virus software that takes up all the memory and is completely user friendly. It comes with a mouse that has one button, but people do not understand that you can attach any other mice to it, and it recognises it without driver installation. Not optimised for computer gaming, but only nerds and 12 year olds buy a computer soley for gaming.

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All popular titles can work on an Apple Mac anyway. Highly priced because it's worth it. I just received an email from a friend about a virus going around The original designers of Windows.

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They were using thier own GUI when developing and Bill Gates bought it from them on the cheap and proceeded to market it as his own making a fortune. So a good definition would be Unlucky and shortsighted.