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Doesn't show Tree view for history. Built-in integration with Stash and Bitbucket. Diffs can be hit and miss. Simple yet powerful. Chews CPU. Easy to stage partial changes. No dark theme. Consistent UI across platforms. Changes the global git configuration on install. Supports Git, Mercurial and Subversion. Numerous bugs in Mac OSX Has git LFS support. Removes user from understanding of how Git functions. Allows the raw git commands and responses to be inspected. No auto stash. Informative branch visualization.

Allows chunks and lines selection during commit. My Rec ommendation for GitKraken. My Recommendation for GitKraken. Beautiful user interface. Has memory-related issues. Isaac Hake's Experience. Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux. Free version available. EarnestSamshinHalmoni's Experience. Offers a simple way of undoing mistakes. Has annoying popup reminders that ask you to upgrade to the Pro version. Excellent integration of commit tree and diff view. Not open source.

Extremely easy to use. Can't expand tags when multiple tags at the same commit. Easy to stash changes and switch branches. Crashes once in a while. Has a FuzzyFinder. Missing some advanced features. Amending merge output is a pro feature. Under constant improvement. Some of the best integration with hosted version control services. Can be confusing. Perfect for beginner developers. Ugly interface.

GitFlow support out of the box. Must log into GitKraken servers to use the free version. Pull Requests Management. Only one repo at a time. Has a dark theme. Good keyboard shortcuts. Recommend 42 My Rec ommendation for GitX-dev. My Recommendation for GitX-dev. All 6. Fast GUI.

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Clumsy staging workflow. TranquilCalliope's Experience. Platforms: Mac. Visual commit mode. Understandable trees branches etc. Recommend 19 3. My Rec ommendation for tig.

Fork - a fast and friendly git client for Mac and Windows

My Recommendation for tig. Allows you to stay in the terminal. Vim-like bindings. Works on any platform. Recommend 16 3. My Rec ommendation for Tower 2. My Recommendation for Tower 2. Git-flow integration. Platforms: Windows; OSX. Pretty, modern-looking user interface. It requires separate licenses for MacOS and Windows. JollyFlidais's Experience. Offers a visual way to solve conflicts. Fetches remotes at regular intervals. No longer supported since the release of Tower 3. Inefficient UI. Doesn't support subtrees.

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  2. Free Git GUI Client - Windows, Mac & Linux | GitKraken!
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  4. Unable to add custom parameters for git commands. Recommend 53 My Rec ommendation for GitUp. My Recommendation for GitUp. All 7. Blazing fast. OS X Only. Allows doing complex things without memorizing git.

    What are the best Windows Git Clients ?

    Font size is not adjustable. Full undo. Open Source, GPL-licensed. Recommend 19 My Rec ommendation for fugitive via vim. My Recommendation for fugitive via vim. All 4. Great visualization and interactive workflow. Poor documentation. Recommend 7. My Rec ommendation for GitHub Desktop. My Recommendation for GitHub Desktop. Simple, streamlined GUI. BraveTuonetar's Experience.

    Focused on simplicity. Non-GitHub repositories are not fully supported. Supports pull requests. Incomplete feature set. Great integration with GitHub services. Difficult to understand what a button does unless you click on it. Very easy to do pick and choose which changed lines to commit. Forces to use GitHub workflow. No Linux version of this client.

    Does not support multiple Remotes for a repo. Recommend 17 7. My Rec ommendation for GitK. My Recommendation for GitK. DynamicLeiGong's Experience. Visibly more compact overview output than many other options. Comes with Git.

    Fast keyboard navigation. Recommend 6. My Rec ommendation for WebStorm. My Recommendation for WebStorm. All 3. Integrated with powerful IDE. Platforms: Windows; macOS; Linux. File Size: 10 PB. Cross Platform: Yes. Multi Language Support: Yes. Powerful diffs. Recommend 3. My Rec ommendation for Aurees.


    My Recommendation for Aurees. All 1. Recommend 1. My Rec ommendation for Sublime Merge. My Recommendation for Sublime Merge. All 5. Slim feature set. Dark theme behind paywall. Easy for beginners. Recommend 6 1. My Rec ommendation for ForkLift 3. My Recommendation for ForkLift 3. All 2. Not a git client.

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    Recommend 1 2. My Rec ommendation for Ungit. My Recommendation for Ungit. All the features of gitk, plus a few more.

    Simplicity and power in a beautiful Git GUI

    Setup is not user-friendly. Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux. Free and Open Source. Accessible on remote servers via a web browser. Highly visual interface. Recommend 4 2. My Rec ommendation for Tower 3. My Recommendation for Tower 3. Some major features of GitUp are:. It has a tab based interface which allows you to quickly navigate repositories and organize the workflow efficiently. Traditionally, Fork provides a comprehensive list of commits, branches, origins,tags and stashes. The website or application related to the repository can be open directly from Fork. The feature list of Fork includes:.

    Several Important features of the client include:. Git Kraken is the only Git client built on Electron, and runs equally well on Windows, Mac, and Linux desktop systems. It simplifies the Git processes and commands with an excellent visual interface that greatly streamlines working with projects. The client is ideal for handling workflow related issues that complicate Git related commands and operations. The interface offers a visual understanding of branching, merging and the commit history.

    Hints guide the users throughout the various operations. Several features of Git Kraken include:. Tower is yet another exceptional Git GUI client that offers an intuitive graphical interface suitable for both novices and experts. The best thing about Tower is the part video series and page online ebook that guide and educate the users.

    Tower provides advanced functionalities including single line staging, submodule support, and file history. With the integrated undo support and rollback option, you no longer have to worry about mistakes. Tower contains a long list of features that include:. This free software has been developed in Python.

    It provides git-dag, an advance Dag visualizer for branches and commits and a list of keyboard shortcuts to perform all Git operations including commit, edit, diff and navigations. Double-clicking a tool opens it in its own subwindow. Tools can be hidden and rearranged as your requirement. Git Cola carefully remembers the window layout and restores it the next time it is launched.

    GitEye is an Intuitive graphical Git client with the integration to the popular planning, tracking, code reviewing, and build tools. Giteye can perform almost every Git task and is available on every platform. It provides the full visibility of a repository at your server or on cloud servers. GitAhead is another multi platform GUI client for Git with integrated syntax highlighting for every major language. It provides language-aware indexed search for discovering exact commit results. GitAhead has a rich log viewer that highlight everything and aids in conflict resolution.

    There is no need of switching back to the IDE for changing code as everything is handled right inside the interface. It saves a comprehensive browsing history of all the projects. GUI based Git clients are essential for managing Git based operations of all complexities. Regardless of the skill level of the user, these clients ensures that there is a quick and easy way of carrying out common Git commands.

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